Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A glimpse of Wade

My all time fave, Footage of wade is few and far between but when it comes you know some jaws are gonna drop, Here he is gracing my eyes yet again.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New D.Dot

I've been a Dallas fan since wayback, Frontline was one of the only NZ hiphop groups i truely enjoyed growing up, Now with him in the states it's looking like he's finally getting the recognition he deserves.
Rose Tint album dropping soon! This is off it, Nice featuring from Freddie Gibbs too.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Mac Miller

This is off his new album Best Day Ever which is a free download by the way.

Super good album, It's been on repeat for me since it came out. Always good to have some fresh beats.

Link if you want it

Cressida Love

I seem to have a bizarre obsession with the late 80's cressida, Something about its boxy shape, it's 80's Japanese luxury which translates to it feeling like driving a couch. Anyway i've just bought my second one, The aim is to eventually have it true japanese styled with maybe a tad of mild bosozoku hints. If you dont know about the bosozoku then jump on google and have a look, some pretty crazy stuff.
Below is a picture of how she is today and some examples of what im aiming for.
Im currently in the process of tidying up some old Deepdish 14's for her and starting to look at suspension options annd a 1jz engine swap.

The goal.....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boonz killing it!

Some park footy from one of the good homies, Definatly one of my favourite people to hang out with and watch skate, The hardest tricks seem to come easy to Boonz and there is always plenty of laughs and goodtimes with the brotha! Never a dull moment!

Props to brother keza for the edit, Return of the wack coming soon!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The end of a dry spell

So for the last couple years i was getting near to giving up hope for new hip hop, I'd dug and dug and found very few albums i could listen to the whole way through without skipping tracks or getting sick of after a couple plays. Recently however it seems i've had some luck and been given hope by afew not exactly new, but new to me artists.
So I thought i'd post up a few vids of some stuff im hyped on at the moment.

First off Wiz Khalifa reppin Pittsburg, I'd heard this guys name thrown round abit and the odd featuring but wasn't until I got his latest album that i realised how dope he was.

Another one i've recently discovered is a young buck by the name of Mac Miller, He's actually just got on the same record label as Wiz Khalifa (Rostrum Records) and at 19 is killing it, Dope mellow beats with his ill flow and i havn't stopped playing his album atleast once a day all summer since i got it. MAybe not everyones cup of tea but i'm backing him.